Welcome to Digital Lagniappe

Digital Lagniappe is a software development and technology consulting firm specializing in software development, website development, and custom computers.


In the south (especially Louisiana), lagniappe means “a small gift given to a customer” or more simply “a little something extra”. In business schools across the world, students are taught that businesses should strive to meet or exceed the expectations of their customers. At Digital Lagniappe, we never want to just meet your expectations. We start every project with the purpose of exceeding your expectations. In other words, it’s our goal to always leave you with “a little something extra”.


Originally founded by 3 friends during their time at Nicholls State University as a computer repair company. It is currently being run by 1 of the original founders and has changed to focus more on software and web development. Hardware has been cut back to custom computers only.